Support Meals on Wheels


Nationally, Meals on Wheels programs rank high among the best agencies in social services.  We have “eyes & ears” on our clients daily.  We represent food security, better health, and social connections for homebound older people. 
Locally, we provide a means for our community to efficiently and compassionately care for our older neighbors. At the heart of this community solution are more than 2,000 volunteers who keep the wheels turning throughout Wake County. Serving up friendship and nutrition in both senior dining rooms and through deliveries directly to seniors’ homes, Meals on Wheels is making Wake County stronger, safer, and more senior-friendly.  
In Wake County we will experience a 152% increase (over 158,000 people) in the 65+ population over the next few years. It is imperative that we have the necessary resources to care for our vulnerable older neighbors. Our critical services promote good health and well-being for older adults, and provide economic and social benefits for our community.
You can support this local agency by volunteering to deliver meals or by sending a donation.  Please join us in our mission to end senior hunger and isolation.