Hot Meal Delivery Service

Meals on Wheels serves home-delivered meals to residents of Wake County who are 60 years old and over and are homebound and vulnerable. Homebound means the applicant cannot work, volunteer, drive or leave their residence without assistance. Vulnerable means the applicant is unable to perform the basic activities of daily living without assistance due to physical, cognitive, emotional, psychological, or social impairments.

Disabled residents under 60 can qualify for our program if they meet certain criteria. Apply to receive meals here. 

A volunteer hugs a client who is holding a meal

Friendship Cafes

Our Friendship Cafes serve anyone who is 60 or older and can get to one of our dining sites located throughout Wake County. We ask that participants contact the site manager of their preferred Friendship Cafe location to make a reservation for meal service.

Two clients sit on a couch together

Frozen Meal Service

Our frozen meal delivery serves areas of Wake County beyond the reach of our current hot meal delivery service, and residents who may not be available during hot meal delivery windows (including patients with scheduled medical appointments). Frozen Meal service is determined by staff based on resources and availability. Apply for meal service here.

A packaged meal next to the arms of a client

Hospital to Home

The Hospital to Home Program works with area hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and healthcare agencies to provide 10 days of hot, delivered meals to recently discharged, at-risk patients who are 60 and older and live in Raleigh. Patients must be referred by a healthcare professional. Apply for the hospital to home program here. 

Two clients smile, one looks at the camera while the other looks at their friend