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Excerpt from MOW "Your Story" E-newsletter June 2018

Philanthopy is a Great Teacher of Sound Values


 It is a forum for meaningful intergenerational communication.   It helps crystallize how your estate plan can support:

  • Family’s core values
  • Essential opportunities to launch heirs into productive lives
  • Flourishing, responsible and resilient heirs
  • Family harmony and cross-generational engagement
  • A strong and vibrant community
  • How your family chooses to make a positive and enduring impact on the lives of others
  • Contributes to deep satisfaction and peace of mind about the legacy you plan to leave and how you will be remembered.

Values-based gift planning and family discussions can accomplish concrete results.   It provides you with the opportunity to train your heirs and family members in many ways to:

  • Be mission and goal-oriented
  • Think beyond one’s self.
  • Define and reinforce values.
  • Be forward thinking and dream big.
  • Solve problems and plan strategically.
  • Maximize limited resources.
  • Demonstrate and demand accountability.
  • Be active and vigilant citizens.

Other benefits of discussions about giving, based on your family’s values, can be:

  • Giving inoculates heirs from “affluenza,” the dysfunctional relationship with money.
  • Giving provides a psychological boost for those of inherited wealth, who may suffer from guilt and low self-esteem from money they haven’t earned.
  • Giving reduces the sense of separation from the larger world.


You’ve given so much of time volunteering and/or monetary support to Meals on Wheels of Wake County.   We want to help you keep your passion alive and to foster that in the next generation.



(Excerpts from presentation by Del Prado Philanthropy 2018




NCFP June 2018

Teaching Children Importance of Giving Back- Being Philanthropic